Roof Replacement OKC

We are roofing replacement specialists in all aspects of residential and commercial roof systems. We offer reliable and well-crafted roof replacements, restoration, and repairs. Many homeowners prefer a roof that needs little or no maintenance. Whether you own a business or have a house, the type of roof you select determines the extent of maintenance it will need.

Having focused on quality work of high standards over time, we are trusted by many people for rooftop installations and replacements. You’ll decide the kind of roof you need if you need to replace your roof while our experts do the job. We can also diagnose any needed roofing repairs, repair them, and maintain the integrity of your roofing system.

Professional Roof Replacement


We reliably perform all kinds of replacements, installations, and repair tasks on different roof systems with attention to detail. Some of our services include:

 •Solar roofing

 •Hybrid roofing

 Whether you need a new hybrid roof or want to replace your roof, choose us to do the job for you. We work on both simple and pretty complex tasks and projects with meticulous precision while using high-quality materials. Additionally, we guarantee excellent results for both custom installations and simple repairs.


At Hero Roofing OKC, we know your home’s first line of defense against Mother Nature’s heavy hand is a good, solid roof. It’s that simple.

If you notice leaks, small cracks or loose granules, your roof may need to be replaced. It’s important to act quickly and hire a professional to inspect your roof for potential damage. We can help.


To ensure your family and your investment is safe, call Hero Roofing OKC today. We are ready to provide you the peace of mind you deserve. Our professional, knowledgeable, certified roofing contractors will come to your home and thoroughly evaluate your roofing-replacement needs. Hero Roofing OKC is equipped with industry-leading materials, and we aim to protect the value of your home for years to come.

Hero Roofing OKC is available 24/7 to solve any and all roofing concerns that may arise in your home. We consider our company a family, and we strive to provide the same care and protection for your family as we do ours.

Why Choose Us?

Having come a long way since our establishment, we are well-recognized for impeccable and professional roofing service. We focus on what customers need – budget-friendly, quality roof replacement services. Duly licensed and insured, our accredited company follows all regulations and safety codes when performing installations, repairs, and replacements. Aside from providing affordable roof replacements, we stand behind our quality roof replacement services with lasting warranties.

 Over the years, we’ve established several relations that continue to grow each day. If you require any roof replacement service, contact us for a free no-obligation evaluation. We’ll be glad when you join our ever-growing number of satisfied clients.


1. Do you offer free estimates?

 Absolutely yes! We will come to your property or job site to meet with you and listen to your needs. We will then do an assessment and provide a free estimate.

2. How long does a rooftop replacement take to be completed?

 In most cases, every project and every situation is different. However, it could take anywhere from a week to several months to be completed in many commercial and residential roofing projects.

3. How many types of rooftops are available for home installation?

 With the constant development of new roof technologies, we train our representatives to stay at par with the changing industry. You must speak with one of our trained representatives today to learn the different roofs we offer.

4. How should I know if my roof is due for repair or replacement?
 Just call us for a comprehensive inspection of your roof. We will explain if a repair is possible or if a total roof replacement is the solution based on the type of roof, age, and condition of the roof.