Leaks, cracked or broken shingles, rainwater accumulation? Call Hero Roofing OKC Today. Servicing your roof as soon as possible could be the difference between a roofing repair and a roofing replacement. Our roofing experts are trained and ready to provide an accurate, free analysis of your residential roofing needs.

With years of experience diagnosing and repairing roofs in North Texas and Oklahoma area, our primary goal is to save you money while delivering high-quality, residential roofing repairs.

Do I Need a Repair or Replacement?

If your roof is around five years old, it could be due for a weather-related replacement. Our restoration specialist will fully assess your roof to determine if a repair or replacement is needed, assisting with insurance concerns in the process. We work with adjusters each and every day, and can often easily get your roof replaced when storm damage occurs.


We know your home provides an invaluable sense of comfort and safety to you and your family. When a storm damages your home, it can leave you unsettled and overwhelmed. At Hero Roofing OKC, we diligently work to restore your home and your sense of security. Our roofing contractors are insurance-certified and ready to discuss your claims. We know how important it is for our customers to be fully informed, so we provide on-site quality control managers for every project to ensure conscientious communication and care throughout the process.

We’d like to extend a huge thank-you to our customers for their continued support. Hero Roofing OKC is a big, growing family, and we’re honored to consider our customers a part of that family.