What Should You Do With a Leaking Roof?

Hero General Contracting - Roofing & Construction tells you how to find a roof leak

A leaking roof can turn into a severe problem. Leaking roofs can lead to a wide variety of problems, including issues with mold and structural damage to the home. A homeowner must always keep an eye out for any roof leak signs.

Dangers of A Leaking Roof

Many dangers of a leaking roof can lead to health issues, the need for a complete roof replacement, and mold remediation. The dangers of a roof leak include:


Mold loves an environment that is away from direct sunlight, humid, and warm. When the roof is leaking, all these conditions are met. Mold can grow very quickly and snowball if it spreads throughout the house. The entire roof may need mold remediation if it spreads too quickly. Mold will cause hard to remove stains and can make the home smell musty. When there is mold growth in the home, there is also a health risk. Mold spores can trigger issues for breathing. For those that suffer from asthma and allergies, this can increase the risk of attacks. Preventing mold is imperative.

Moisture Damage

A home is made full of wood. This includes the roofing support structure, attic, and ceiling. Wood placed in this area is treated to help have resistance to high humidity levels, but it can still be damaged when water comes from the roof. When water hits the roof, this can cause rot. Rot can compromise the roof’s structure, making it a risk for future collapse. Water damage can also cause swollen plaster, water stains, and blistering paint. A roof leak can also cause moisture damage on the floor and walls of the home.

Attic Insulation Damage

When water hits attic insulation, the insulation will form into clumps. When the insulation does this, the homeowner is not getting an adequately heated or cooled home. Having wet insulation can lead to higher utility bills.

Electrical Hazard

When a roof leaks, water can find its way into the home’s electrical wiring and even into its appliances. This can lead to short wiring and fire hazards. Suppose a homeowner sees water coming from the electrical outlets. In that case, they need to turn off the electricity to their home from the panel and call a licensed local electrician to address the electrical issue.

Slipping Hazards

When a roof leaks, it can leak down in the ceiling and onto the floor. Someone in the home may walk through this area and slip. This can lead to serious bodily injuries.

Signs of a Roof Leak

A homeowner will need to learn how to find a roof leak if they see any of the following issues:


If there are yellow or brown stains on the ceiling or the walls, water is leaking from the roof. This will need to be addressed as quickly as possible to help prevent further damage.

Unpleasant smells

If a homeowner smells a musty or gross smell in their home, the chances are that their roof is leaking. This musty smell is from mold growth and rotting wood.


A dripping roof is a strong indicator that the roof leaks. It is important to note that some homeowners will assume that the roof is leaking exactly where the drip is. The truth is that the roof may be leaking somewhere else, and the water is just pooling in that area. This is why it is essential to have a professional roofing company to find the leak.

Mold and Mildew

If a homeowner sees mold and mildew growing in their home, especially around the ceiling and walls, this indicates a roof leak that needs to be addressed immediately.

Never Do It YourselfHero General Contracting - Roofing & Construction talks about leaking roof issues

When a homeowner sees a leaking roof, they may be tempted to try to fix it themselves. If there is an easy fix, like a loose shingle, the homeowner can repair this. However, larger issues, or if the homeowner cannot find out where the leak is coming from, should be addressed by a professional roofer. Homeowners do not have the experience to find roof leaks, nor do they have the experience to correct them. If a homeowner attempts to do their own roof repair, they may miss the area where the roof is leaking, they could get injured or killed, and they could lead to the further destruction of the roof. Hiring a professional roofer with years of experience will help the homeowner rest easy, knowing that Hero General Contracting – Roofing & Construction will fix their roofing problem.

If a homeowner needs roof leak detection and wants to address why they have a roof leak, they should call Hero General Contracting – Roofing & Construction. They are a fully licensed and insured company that will work hard to ensure that the leak is stopped. If the homeowner needs a full roof replacement, they will be able to do that.

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